Friday’s Digest

Hello, community! It’s Friday, already the third work week of November has come to an end. It’s a good time to wrap up in your favorite plaid and spend a cozy evening at home, since the weather is so-so. Let’s take a look at the week’s results – Friday Digest! AMA Session: Lakshmi Yesterday, November … Read more

Digest Decimal

Hello, community! Winter is near, and also the new year is just around the corner! Let’s start catching the New Year’s mood, and the Friday Digest at the same time! AMA Successful Projects Yesterday, on November 2, AMA session “Successful Projects” was held with co-founder Arthur Melkunyan and CFO Alexander Suromkin of Robin Rocket Union … Read more

Decimal Wiki

What is the difference between Security Token and Utility tokens, hot and cold wallets? What is a blockchain bridge, how does steaking work or where to apply NFT? You don’t need to search long for answers to such questions, Decimal Wikipedia: – has it all! The educational resource regularly releases new articles that touch … Read more

Happy Birthday, Anatoly Berdnikov!

Did you know that today is UN (United Nations) Day? Well, neither did we, but we know another reason why this day is significant for us. Today, 24.10, Decimal CEO Anatoly Berdnikov celebrates his birthday. He is a man who united people with diverse interests all over the world with his ideas. His ideas, his … Read more

Comparative analytics 09.10.23 -15.10.23 и 02.10.23 – 08.10.23

🔸For the period of 7 days: + 11,880 transactions. Total transactions: 1 928 881; 🔸Total validators: 79. 51 online, 28 offline. 🔸Number of blocks added are: 108 879; 🔸Reward per block: 862 DEL. Score: +4.8%; 🔸Emission in 7 days: + 80,103,282 DEL. Indicator: +4.33%. Total issuance: 5,451,494,766 DEL; 🔸Number of coins delegated: + 67,404,608 DEL. … Read more

Decimal Digest

This is Friday digest! Before the rainy days begin — let’s make you happy with the passing news of the past week. Vacancies Decimal. Our team will never tire of looking for the best in blockchain and digital. We are expanding our reach into international markets and are looking for strong specialists to join the … Read more

Opportunities for project development

As you already know, we are committed to providing ample opportunities for development and audience engagement for projects created on the Decimal blockchain. All tokens created on the Decimal platform are automatically added to the international cryptocurrency aggregator Decimal not only provides a convenient tool for creating projects without the need to develop a … Read more

Tangem x Decimal

Decimal provides a wide range of decentralized wallets with high level of security, including “Decimal Wallet” (Web, iOS, Android) – a mobile wallet with authorization by seed phrase and the ability to set pin-code or biometric protection. For those who need to store and manage multiple assets with Hardware wallet – we have prepared the … Read more

Digest. August.

Autumn has come, a new time for all crypto holders.  Let’s summarise the results of the past August together, enjoy reading! Decimal’s birthday: the big draw and news for the year. This month was a busy month for Decimal, as it started with its birthday. On August 1, the blockchain turned 3 years old and … Read more

Decimal Roadmap. Changes to come

Decimal blockchain has been continuously improved throughout the time and currently the goals set by the team have been achieved. But, our ambitions do not allow us to stop at the achieved results and in this article we will share our plans, some of which are already on the roadmap of the project, and some … Read more

Friday’s Digest!

Hello, community! Here we are, another hot week is over. We recommend taking your bearings to the beach this weekend and bringing an umbrella, but in the meantime, let’s summarize the past week’s Friday Digest! From MidJourney to Journey The MidJourney Free team is already in the process of training their own model called “FreeJourney”. … Read more

Friday’s Digest!

Hello, community! How was your work week? We hope you’re resting up by now and we’ve prepared a digest in the meantime, let’s summarize the week! New site Decimal got a unique and important opportunity, namely access to the Binance Feed social network, which is built into the Binance app and allows you to publish the … Read more


Decimal continues to gain momentum and recognition, as indicated by Decimal’s frequent mentions on major news platforms and magazines. This time Decimal was tweeted and mentioned on Twitter and in his Telegram channel by, a major columnist of decentralized exchanges with more than 5k readers on Twitter. And the article has already been reposted … Read more

The second round of the DDAO has been completed

Community! The second of five rounds of the DDAO control token issue ended today! Hash: It’s been 45 days and according to the roadmap we are closing the second round. 360mn DDAO has been redeemed. The price at the start of the second round was 1 DEL = 1.1557 DDAO; Current price of 1 … Read more