Join us in celebrating DECIMAL’S 3RD ANNIVERSARY

A celebratory digest of news on the Decimal blockchain’s three-year anniversary. Hello community! Today we would like to congratulate you on Decimal’s birthday. Traditionally, we will say a few nice words and note the achievements of our birthday boy this year, and then we will move on to the most pleasant thing – presents.   … Read more

Friday’s Digest!

Community! By now, you must be unspeakably happy that the week is over and the coveted weekend is coming? We are too! But let’s summarize the week’s results first – Friday Digest! DUSD Launch There was a successful launch of DUSD. Thanks to the launch of DEX, specifically AmpleSwap and the verification of its contract … Read more

DUSD’s launch

As you’ve noticed, the news is coming one after another – this is due to the approaching crypto season, which usually runs from August to January. So it is with us, over the summer we have done a lot of work and now the fruits of our labors are appearing. In the announcement of the launch … Read more

$DEL coin will be listed at TapBit

Earlier in the article we reported that we have two agreements with excellent Tier-2 exchanges, after which we started negotiations with Binance and decided to postpone the listings. Now we are actively working on increasing market liquidity and making DEL more attractive for trading, for this purpose we have resumed the integration process and are … Read more

Decimal x Zealy

We continue to venture into the WEB3 space and invite you to join us. No complicated activities this Monday, but undoubtedly useful and contributing to the advancement of Decimal. Zealy is an interactive quest space for web3 communities where users can interact with their favorite projects and earn points. And Decimal is now available on … Read more

Friday’s Digest!

Here we are, another week has flown by, let’s spend it and summarize the week. More sunshine for you, and we’ve got Friday Digest! Twitter on ON CoinMarketCap, whose Twitter feed has more than 5.9 million readers, published its Weekly Market Outlook. In one of the TOPs, namely “TOP Gainers”, Decimal was ranked #3. Importantly, … Read more

FAST generation for $DEL

Important news from the development team. The bot @midjourneyfreebot, which literally for a few months became popular among users from all over the world and currently has MAU – 40,000 users, received an important update and now all users of the bot became available Decimal functionality in Telegram. Since the moment of the update, a … Read more

Friday’s Digest!

We’re saying goodbye to the week of July and going on vacation. Have a fun and delicious weekend, and we summarize the week – Friday Digest! Successful projects We held an AMA session with Konstantin Ponomorev and Konstantin Konstantinov, in which the founder of ITCoin spoke in detail about the project and further plans. The … Read more

Back on top on CoinMarketCap

And we again hurry to thank you for your support, great interest in blockchain and active participation in the life of Decimal! What’s the occasion? Decimal made it to the 2nd place in the ranking of the best cryptocurrencies in terms of growth per day among the “Top 500 by CMC”. Thanks to you and … Read more

Decimal x Galxe: Registration Instruction

We supplement the Decimal x Galxe post with detailed instructions to show the authorization and social media binding process visually. After following the instructions, your wallet address will be entered into the prize list and you will receive 100 wrapped DDAO tokens during the campaign. Having familiarized yourself with the Galxe platform, you probably already … Read more

Decimal x Galxe

Hello community, long time without news of galactic scale? The Decimal team together with Galxe have been preparing a campaign for you all this time to attract an audience to Decimal’s social networks and to increase the number of DDAO holders, and therefore more decentralization. What is Galxe? Galxe is a huge as the universe … Read more

Friday Digest!

It’s been a busy week and we hope your weekends will be just as busy. Let’s recap – Friday Digest! AMA – Decimal on Binance Live Session On Sunday, there will be a live broadcast with Nick Bogorad, where he will talk about the second round of DAO token distribution, which has already started. And … Read more

The launch of the second round of the DDAO token was successful!

🔥 Link to the transaction online: The Decimal team thanks you for your support, interest and active participation in the life of Decimal. We see all your messages and if you have any questions, we will definitely answer them and help you understand.

Friday’s Digest!

Hello, community! Today is Friday, the penultimate week of June is coming to an end. Have a great weekend, and now we’ll sum up the results of the week. Friday’s Digest! 🔸 Candy on the road with Decimal On June 22 we held our first AMA session in a new format, where we are going … Read more

Candy’s “sweet” project on the Decimal blockchain

At the end of May, a new MintCandy validator appeared on the DecimalChain network. From the information left in the message, everyone saw that this is an additional validator of Candy project. This fact attracted attention not only of our community users, but also of our team. We took a closer look at this project, … Read more